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Lick - Yunho/Jaejoong

R (no sex, but almost there). Romance, Fluff
Jaejoong is drunk, and he turns up at Yunho's apartment a blubbering, giggling, vulgarity spewing, sexually charged mess.

A/N: I started this on 28th December 2009 - its been 6 years, oh my. I decided to get into writing again, and I have loads of half written posts everywhere, so here is to finishing them all up and posting them because I miss writing DBSK sfm. Comments are welcome, I hope my writing is still deserving of some.


Jaejoong is a mess, a blubbering, giggling, vulgarity spewing, sexually charged hormone filled mess swaying violently from left to right that Yunho happens to find at the ungodly hour of 4.15 am in the morning as he opens the door, face masked with sleep and annoyance at the constant abuse his doorbell has been facing for the past five minutes. He expects to find an annoying drunk who has gotten the wrong apartment, but he is only one-third right.


Yunho finds his voice thick with sleep, and he raises his hands to rub violently at his eyes. Jaejoong is a mess no doubt, but he is the prettiest, most fucking gorgeous one that Yunho has ever seen, ever.

(The first time Yunho saw Jaejoong, was the first time he ever set eyes on him. He wouldn't have called it love at first sight, but it sure as hell came in close.

"Hi... I'm Jaejoong."

"I'm Yunho."

Both boys had stared at each other as they stood, gangly and with the surrounding air of teens who hadn't yet grown into themselves. The space between them thick with the awkwardness of first meetings and a desperation to succeed, to make it big, to make something of themselves. Yunho found himself locking gazes with the raven haired boy in front of him, frame too small, chin too sharp and eyes too big. He hadn't grown into his full potential yet, raw, untouched by puberty, style and a well trained press persona, but Yunho (crooked teeth, hair too spiky and as unpolished as teenage boys were) felt the air knocked away from his lungs as he stared a second too long, the boy across him holding his gaze.

All he could think in that moment was that Jaejoong was beautiful.)



The drunk man lurches forward, and instinctively, Yunho opens his arms to catch him. Jaejoong clings to him, his hands grabbing at Yunho's shirt, arms hugging tightly around the taller man's body. He smells of alcohol and the charred bits from roasted meat, and Yunho knows almost immediately that Jaejoong has most likely been sitting on a plastic stool at a plastic table, by a roadside stall drinking himself silly and feasting on barbeqcued succulent meats.

Jaejoong's grip grows tighter, his embrace closer and the next thing he knows, Yunho feels legs hoist themselves up his own body and clamp around his waist as the very drunk singer with hair a dark, wine red opts for resting his head on his shoulder, his lips turned towards Yunho's neck where they start kissing a path down towards his collarbone. Jaejoong is asking for sex, and Yunho knows it, knows it from the way Jaejoong has begun moving his hands to stroke the back of his neck, knows it from the way Jaejoong is clinging on more tightly, knows it from the way that kisses are turning into gentle nips.

"I want you." is the breathless whisper that Yunho feels in his ear as the shorter of the two moves his head up, and he smiles, a soft chuckle coming from his lips, and in that moment Yunho thanks the heavens that he is strong enough to carry both their weight because the breath ghosting its way down to his collarbone, biting and sucking threatens to force his knees to buckle under him. So many goddamn years and his body still reacts the same way as it did the first time they kissed.

(It had been sudden, their first kiss - but at the same time, it seemed only right, something that was entirely natural, something that was meant to be.

It had been a thundery night, as rain pelted down onto the windowpanes of the apartment the five of them then shared. Yoochun had gone back to his mother's place for the night because he had missed her - taking Junsu with him, because where did they both not go together? Changmin had slipped out somewhere for the night - mumbling something neither of the two eldest had heard, and so here they lay, in Yunho's bed, the room illuminated bya single lava lamp and ocassional flashes of lightning.

"I hate it the thunder and lightning, but the rain I like."


"Jung Yunho, are you falling asleep on me?"


They were both in Yunho's bed, because well - it was a normal occurance, even with the other three in the house, it was just something that they both did. It had started during their trainee days when Jaejoong had slipped under Yunho's covers one night, uninvited and at his own insistence, claiming he was bored and lonely and needed company. They had talked into the wee hours - as dawn cracked on the edge of the Seoul skyline, before slipping off into a deep slumber for a few hours.

That first morning, Yunho had woke, only to find himself nose to nose with a sleeping Jaejoong, and he felt his heart flip in his chest. It became their routine ever so often (too often), and neither had ever bothered to stop and question why.

"Wake. up. you twit."

Yunho felt a hand whack his bicep and he groaned in protest as he reached forward, arms failing as he tried to grab the thinner of the two. Eyes fluttering open as he pulled himself back from the edge of sleep he was at a moment ago, the dancer grabbed onto Jaejoong's forearm.

"Violence is never the answer." the sentence came out, a semi growl from his threat as Jaejoong yelped ansd twisted under the sheets, body writhing in attempt to worm his way from the leader's iron grasp among shouts of 'asshole', 'abuse' and other vulgaririties Yunho didn't care to remember.

Yunho gave a throaty chuckle as he held onto Jaejoong's forearm with ease, he was glad he was the stronger of them two. Grinning in the dark of the room, his teeth shining a pearly white, Yunho raised a brow.

"You are so noisy. Hasn't anyone told you that?"

"Noisy? Well, excuse me you violent, uncultured manchild, you are going to leave bruises on my arm if you don't let go. This is abuse! I am pretty sure of it, I-"

It had just happened, Yunho was watching Jaejoong's lips move at furious speed, a ruby red in the dim glow of the lamp, and the next thing he knew he had pulled the lead singer towards him, hands releasing his forearm and coming to a wind around his hips. Yunho didn't know what had possessed him to, but in that moment - it seemed like a totally logical impulse, and his pressed his lips to Jaejoong's. Their eyes locked as Yunho pushed his lips gently against the older's, and he sensed surprise through Jaejoong's eyes, but it was a fleeting second and the next thing Yunho knew, both their eyes were closed and he could feel Jaejoong smirk against his lips. Yunho's own hands had slipped over Jaejoong's shirt, feeling the crevices of his body that Yunho already knew so well. He remembered moaning, a strangled sound from the back of his throat as Jaejoong ran his fingertips down Yunho's hard earned abs, exploring, touching (and oh god) and made a mental note to himself there and then that sleeping shirtless was possibly the wisest decision of his life.

They are lying down, a tangle of limbs as they both fought for dominance, but Yunho feels his knees turn to jelly as his stomach and heart turn happily. He isn't sure what this feeling it entirely, but Yunho thinks maybe, just maybe, this might be love.)


Jaejoong is adorable when he is drunk, but Yunho doesn't dare say such out loud, because Jaejoong hates being called adorable. He finds it too childish, too girly, too insulting, but Yunho thinks it is the truth, and nothing but the truth. He knows he shouldn't be pleased, because he hates when Jaejoong drinks so much - hates it when he drinks at all in fact, because the lead singer didn't have an ounce of self-control once he started with the alcohol, but Yunho can't help but tighten his grip around the elder's waist as he shifts both of them around with a dancer's grace to shut the door of his apartment which clicks shut, the electronic lock securing itself. Jaejoong has always been the more affectionate of the two, because he is just less controlled, more out there with himself and feelings, but drunk Jaejoong just never can keep his hands to himself, at all - not even for a minute, and Yuho feels the familiar fingertips running themselves under his shirt, onto his chest, fingers twisting at one of his nipples.

It takes all his willpower not to push the lean singer he has wound around him against the wall of his apartment right there and then and fuck him senseless but Yunho manages to keep his dick in his pants, and urges to himself as he drums his fingers gently against the small of Jaejoong's back.

"Come on Jiji, you need to sleep."

("It makes me sound like a cat."

Jaejoong wails, as he waves his hands animatedly in the air, as if unsure of what to do with them as he sits, perched on the edge of the couch in their living room. This earns a snigger from Changmin and a good dose of Yoosu laughter and the lead singer turns to glare at the leader who is lounging, slumped back against the couch, posture relaxed.

Yunho had let the name roll of his tongue a moment ago, something that simply flowed out - just because it was that natural. It had earned a snort and raised eyebrows from the other three, and a deadly stare from his boyfriend.

"But, thinking about it - aren't you kind of similar to one." A statement, and Changmin smirked as he expertly dodged the couch pillow that had come rocketing in his direction.

"What is that even supposed to mean Shim Changmin."

"I mean you have the demeanour of one, demanding attention all the time, and yet you have your moments and moods, you are a bit of a diva..."

"Weird" Junsu

"And you like to lick." Yoochun, leering, with a wink as the room errupted in laughter.

"BASTARDS." Jaejoong lunges forward, fists flying only to be stopped by a hand around his middle, pulling him backwards such that his back collides with a firm chest.

"Let me go Jung Yunho, before I-"

"-but isn't it true." a smooth, low mummur into the lead singer's ear is what causes him to slacken his tense body, opting for clenching his palms into fists and sending rays of death from his eyes around the room at the three rolling around on the floor. Jaejoong opens his mouth to speak again, no doubt to throw a slew of insults at the rest of his members, but a finger subtly running along the waistband of his pants stops him as the lap he is sitting on subtly thrusts upwards, grinding into him. He responds, almost instinctively, sitting further down into Yunho, hips twitching ever so slightly - going unnoticed due to the commotion in the room, and Jaejoong hides a smirk, eyes glinting. Oh.)


"But, I want you." Jaejoong breaths out again, a throaty sound that makes Yunho groan inwardly. "And I know you want me too" the lead singer leers, mischerviously as he manages to grind himself against Yunho's growing errection he can feel under the leader's thin sweatpants.


Is the only word Yunho manages to utter as he walks them both (still carrying Jaejoong) to his room, whilst trying to ignore the kisses being showered on the side of his face and neck. He gently lowers the lead singer onto his bed (a fair amount of protest from him), and lets himself kiss his forehead. As much as he would like nothing more than to let Jaejoong have his way with him, Yunho knows the lead singer is tired, he can see it under the alcohol flush that covers his face, and Yunho just wants him to rest.

They are both on seperate schedules now since they split, but Yunho knows that this week is a breather week for them - with just one or two studio sessions for each of them, and so he knows there will be plenty of time for this later (for the rest of their lives). For now, he wants Jaejoong to sleep.

(Things had appeared to be tense during the split, and for a while - perhaps it had. Them being all tired, worn out, they had snapped at each other now and then, all five of them. But contrary to what the company and the media had let the world think, the five of them remained as close as ever. Of course, there was a need for secrecy, a need to keep things on the low, a need for sneaking around, especially for them both - but they had never stopped loving each other, be it the five, or the two. Yunho had his calender synced to Jaejoong's and vice versa - it made their lives seem like a chaotic mess, but they both understood it as it was, and that was enough.)


"Wait here, I'll get a towel."

Yunho walks into his bathroom and grabs a facetowel from the rack. He wets it, wrings it dry before catching sight of himself in the mirror - hair sticking up at the back of his head, eyes rimmed with the remnants of sleep, but bulge in his pants still going strong. He sighs and shakes his head, more at himself than at anything else as he heads back into his room. You would think that after so many years of loving Jaejoong Yunho would have had himself under more control.

("No, no, no." The dance instructor jammed the pointer stick she was holding onto the ground as she stared at the five young men before her, her lips turning down in a grimace, as she seethed. "Again, this time with the right tempo please, are you all idiots."

"Bitch." Yunho heard Junsu's voice rumble, a low threatening tone and the leader sighed, his shoulders slumping slightly. He felt it, as did the others, and Junsu vocalising it had to be a clear indication of just how much of a bitch this instructor was. She was standing in for their usual cheographer, one that was much nicer, and it seemed, a much better dancer. There had been nothing wrong with their tempo, it was just half a beat off - but seeing as how this was only the third time they were practicing the new routine, it was pretty damn miraculous.

Sweat dripped off Yunho's brow as he sighed, the five of them shuffling back into start position. He was tired, and he wanted nothing more than a hot shower, and dinner. It was the sight of flash of skin as Jaejoong yanked off his sweat soked, almost translucent white shirt that jolted Yunho's senses. It was no secret that out of the 5 of them, Jaejoong was the one who broke a sweat the most easily, and the most. Watching as the lead singer balled up the shirt, throwing it viciously towards the corner, Yunho felt a smile creep onto his face. Jaejoong hated dance practice, hated it - he was the clumsiest of the lot and at times, it seemed like Jaejoong had no control over his limbs - but that made Yunho love him more.

"Again. From the top."

As she begin to tap the pointer against the slick wooden floors, Yunho begin to move, his body flowing effortlessly, gliding through the space and air. But he made his mistake, letting his eyes come to rest on Jaejoong - watching as the lead singer twisted and turned, his torso clenching and unclenching as he focused on the routine at hand, lips twisted into a pout, brow furrowed in concentration. As the blades of Jaejoong's shoulders tensed, Yunho stumbled.

"Ruined again, you are a bunch of hopeless, bumbling idiots." The instructor shouted, her voice echoing around the studio as the threw her hands up in the air.

The rest of the band turned to stare curiously at the leader who was now rubbing the back of his neck rather sheepishly - their best dancer had stumbled, it was something that rarely ever happened. Feeling a flush across his face as he caught Changmin glance at him once over, tired expression giving way to a sly smirk that bordered between disgust and amusement as his gaze flickered from Yunho's crotch to Jaejoong's topless body, Yunho wished the floor would just swallow him up.)


Jaejoong is gone, passed out like a baby, and Yunho allows himself to snort and roll his eyes lightly before gently wiping the singer's face, hair, followed by his limbs. He pulls his shoes off, his jeans, jacket, shirt and runs the towel gently over his body before chucking the load on a chair in the corner of his room - he had a feeling he would get nagged at for throwing the bunch in a corner with a damp towel to top it off - but hey, he deserved it, at least.

Too lazy to even pull off the shirt he had yanked on in his hurry to answer the door, Yunho slipped into bed and threw the covers over them both. Head turning, so his cheek was resting against a pillow, Yunho reached out and pulled the sleeping lead singer close, breathing in the remaining scent of alcohol and smoke before drifting back off to sleep.


He wakes to hands snaking around his middle, running themselves down his shirt, tugging at the thin fabric. He feels damp hair against his cheek as a body fits itself around his back.

"When did you start sleeping with a shirt on." Jaejoong's voice is tinged with amusement and his breath smells minty.

"Since I had to answer the door for some crazy guy that would not give my door bell a break last night." Yunho turns, eyes still closed to come face to face, noses brushing with Jaejoong. He winds his arms around the lead singer, and smiles lightly - Jaejoong is wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, and Yunho and his body both approve.

"Crazy huh?"


"Well, would you be open to letting the crazy guy make it up to you?"

"That depends."



Yunho pushes his eyes open, and finds himself staring back at eyes glinting with mischeif. Jaejoong leans in for a kiss and Yunho pulls his head back to questioning eyes.

"I haven't brushed my teeth."

Jaejoong laughs, and he rolls into an upright seated position, towel slipping dangerously down his hips. He straddles Yunho and pushes hands beanath the dancer's shirt, tugging it. Yunho gets the hint, raises his hands and helps Jaejoong pull it off.

"Doesn't matter."

Jaejoong leans forward, his tongue tracing Yunho's abs as his mouth works its way down. Hands pull his sweatpants down in one fluid notion, and Yunho's breath quickens, but he manages to notice the towel around Jaejoong's waist is now gone. Jaejoong licks, and Yunho feels his insides tighten.


A groan is all Yunho can manage as he stares at the elder their gazes meeting - as much as Yunho loves staring at Jaejoong, all he really wants now is for Jaejoong to lick again, to suck, and oh god - he wants it now.

"There will be payback for dumping my clothes in a pile."

Jaejoong grins and he runs a finger down the sensitive space between Yunho's ass and Yunho feels his mouth form an 'O', mind racing in anticipation. It wasn't often that Jaejoong topped, not because the younger didn't like it, but rather the lead singer seemed to prefer letting Yunho top - and well, Yunho was only happy to oblige.

Hands reaching out to fist the older man's hair, pushing his head back down, Yunho let a moan escape his throat.

Drunk Jaejoong at his doorstep was the best thing ever. Jaejoong was the best thing ever

what he never knew. changmin/yunho

what he never knew.
where Changmin is clever but can be thick at the worst of times.

i like you & long comments ♥


Changmin is younger than Yunho, younger by two years, but he is everything that Yunho isn't, and he is everything that Yunho lacks.


Jaejoong and Yunho break up and everyone knows. The only thing that they aren't sure of is who breaks up with who. But Changmin knows, he knows what everyone else doesn't. Why? The answer is simple, because Changmin doesn't talk much, he doesn't talk much and so Changmin gets to observe. He notices the way that Yunho's body stiffens up everytime Jaejoong enters, notices the way that the leader inhales sharp breaths everytime Jaejoong comes into close contact, notices from the way Yunho's mood fluctuates (like his heart, Changmin is sure) violently when dealing with Jaejoong, the man himself in general, or even anything related to him.

Changmin isn't the master of all hearts (God forbid such a name even if he was), and neither is he a love guru of sorts, but Changmin knows, he knows because he just does.



"Uhm, hyung...?"

Silence, another count.



"Whaa- oh hey Min..."

"Are you alright?"

"...yeah, I am."

"If you aren't you can always tell me."

"I'm fine Min."

"Really Yunho, you can."

"I'm fine."


Changmin calls, once, twice, he opts for hitting Yunho hard on the back of his head. Changmin isn't known for his patience, and everyone knows. He will grant you once chance, two at most and following, violence always ensues. He asks, does away with honorifics, and finally annoyance claims him as Yunho lies to him, not once, not twice as his patiences stretches, but three fucking times and Changmin gets pissed. It isn't very often he shows he cares, and when he does he expects to be told the truth and nothing but the truth.

Changmin feels his heart ache, a dull heavy thud thud thud but he brushes it off, because being lied to should provoke anger, and anger is not hurt.)


Yunho is the leader of Dong Bang Shin Ki for obvious reasons. He is one of the two most eloquent in speaking in the group, with the other being Changmin, however, Yunho's age trounces that of Changmin by two years, and so he ends up at leader. However Yunho is worthy of being leader as he proves to everyone. He leads, protects, helps them bond, gel and takes charge.

But Jaejoong breaks up with him, and that part of Yunho changes.

The leader becomes a wreck. He is often unshaven, his hair a mess when there in no stylist to primp them up during a show or performance. He wanders around the house a glazed look in his eyes, and even that is a rare occurance because most of the time, Yunho opts for locking himself up in his room because although no one says anything everyone knows - he is avoiding Jaejoong. He is lifeless and almost cold during interviews, his smile doesn't reach his eyes, his laugh is hollow and performances always lackluster. It is pathetic, but no one says anything until Changmin puts his foot down.

("Get up hyung."

Changmin storms into the leader's room and throws open curtains that haven't been opened for weeks. The light bursts in and the ball of human beneath crumpled dark sheets shifts slightly, it annoys Changmin and he marches over to the bed only to yank the covers off Yunho.

"Its been weeks, enough is enough Yunho."

Silence and Changmin doesn't get a response. He leaves the room and a few minutes later, Yunho is drenched in ice cold water, his sheets darkening further as they become heavy with liquid. His eyes open in shock, but he doesn't move. 

"You're fucking pathetic hyung, stop moping around and pull yourself together." 

Changmin sneers as he hits Yunho in the gut. He leaves the room in a huff and as he steps back into the hallway his sneer twists into anger and hurt, something he seems to be feeling a lot with relation to Yunho lately.

Yunho gets up that day and joins the four for lunch. He is clean shaven, freshly washed and eating like a normal person. He is still quiet and the atmosphere at the table is awkward, but Changmin smiles to himself as he watches Yunho take to reading a book out on the balcony as he clears the dishes from the table. It isn't even Changmin's turn to do dish duty that day, but he volunteers anyway. )


Yunho picks himself up again slowly, and the process really is pretty. damn. slow, but Changmin doesn't mind, because with each passing day that Yunho works at pulling himself together, Changmin feels like something in him is mending, forming again as well - and it is ridiculous he thinks, because Changmin never did break in the first place. 


Changmin and Yunho have always been close, always, because despite them being two years apart, they are more similar than they even know so themselves. Changmin has always known -because he did be an idiot if he didn't - but assurance of the very fact makes him smile as he finds out, it makes his insides churn and feel warm. It almost brings the word sappy into mind, but hell no, sappy is not cool, and not cool is not Changmin.

("You know hyung, when two people are similar to one another things can go two ways."


"Mhm. They could either really hate each other and be all awkward with one another, or they could end up as really close friends and feel comfortable with each other."

"Well then, I'm glad we're the latter."

Yunho laughs and speaks after a count of silence, he claps Changmin on the back as he stands to wander back into the apartment, mumbling something about needing a glass of water. Changmin is glad there aren't any mirrors in sight because his face kind of melts into what he thinks is a sappy, happy mess.)


Yunho picks himself up, and it is Changmin that helps him greatly along the way. Drinking with the older, listening to him talk, helping him trash out his thoughts, going to the gym with him along with sitting with him and just being there on nights when he wanders out from his room to find something to eat only to find Yunho slumped on the couch, his gaze following a soundless programme on television.

("...maybe I'm just not good enough for anyone."

Yunho laughs bitterly as he takes a generous swig, emptying the can of beer he has in his hand. He crushes the can in a crunch and raises arm to throw it over the ledge of the building but Changmin grabs his arm, stopping him.

"You are hyung, you are."

Changmin whispers fiercely as emotions overtake him and he pulls Yunho in to a bone crushing embrace. It is irrational, stupid, and how Changmin hates himself to be, but he feels tears of anger and injustice prickling at the back of his eyes as he holds tightly to the shocked leader who surrenders into embrace a moment later. They fit, but they fit in an awkward way that only two who are too tall would fit, but that doesn't matter because they do fit and that is all that is important..

Yunho is amazing and worth so much more than he knows. )


Changmin has both wit and intelligence, but as Yunho sees it, sometimes he can be awfully stupid

("Hey Min."


"I've got a question for you."

"Alright, shoot."

"So hypothetically lets say there are these two people, A and B who happen to be in a situation where A has just broke up with another person and B has been helping A get back on his feet and all and to cut a long story short, lets just say that A has found out over the course of time that A has feelings for B. The question now is how can A show B that A sincerely likes B and that B is just not another rebound."

"Well, you cou-."

Changmin starts of his sentence as Yunho finishes his ramble, his hands still gesturing wildly in the air as if to illustrate his dialogue but his answer skids to a stop as his name is shouted across the room by the dance instructor. With a sigh, the youngest of the group caps the bottle of water he was holding in hand before throwing his towel (damp with sweat) at the leader's face while sliding past Yunho and out of the corner he had been trapped into by the elder. He gives Yunho a slightly apologetic smile before skidding away towards the front of the practice studio. Changmin resumes his dancing, body twisting and turning as he picks up the new routine and he misses the look on Yunho's face as the older watches him dance.) 


Over the years, winter has become Changmin's most well liked season of the year. Winter is a time when Changmin gains freedom - something he gave up the day he signed on the dotted line of his contract, because winter offers the perfect disguise for a celebrity. It allows for heavy outerwear, hats, scarves or turned up collars as well as red noses and pedestrian bothered by the cold and too focused on getting somewhere warm that they fail to notice who is walking along the streets. It is the season to which Changmin often takes to walking back to their apartment alone after late night sessions at the company.

The route from the office to their apartment isn't far, it used to be Changmin's route, his secret, his own personal space to breathe, but today he shares it with someone, Yunho. Changmin isn't sure how they both ended up walking back together after a particularly long recording session, it just so happened that Yunho had asked, and Changmin, he did what his heart told him to, he agreed. 

"Hey, remember my question from yesterdays dance session?"

"The one about A and B?"

"Yeah, I'm still waiting for an answer." 

"Oh..." Changmin pauses as he unwinds the scarf covering the bottom of his face only to drape it around the back of his neck and pull the ends over his shoulder. He thinks hard for a solution, his nose red with cold. "Well, A should just go for it."

"Go for it?"

"Yeah. A should just grab B by the arms, profess his love and lean in to kiss him." Changmin had definitely read too many books. 

It came as a shock to him what happened next. Hands grabbing onto Changmin's arms their grip solid and firm, the youngest found himself staring into the leader's eyes which were, as he noted for the very first time more brown than the black they appeared to be. 

"Y..Yunho?" Stammering was not something Changmin did, it was uncharacteristic of him, and yet at this moment he found himself slipping over words, fumbling over each and every sound. 

"I like you Changmin. I don't know from when, I don't know how, but I really do like you. Not because I'm looking for someone to bounce back on over Jaejoong - because I'm over him, but because I really do like you." 

Changmin is shocked, and why wouldn't he be? He had never expected to see this coming his way, not in all the days they had dance practice, a performance or even a recording session. The hands pull at him, and he allows his body to swing forward. They bump noses as Yunho's lips chapped from the cold come down, grazing lightly over Changmin's own and the younger boy feels his heart leap, run and soar. 

"I like you too." is what he manages to mumble in between kisses, his arms winding themselves tight around Yunho - a position he had never imagined he would be in, and Changmin finally finds out what he never knew all along. 

This is Just What Love is - Changmin / Jaejoong

Title: This is Just What Love is
Length: One-Shot
Pairing: Changmin & Jaejoong
Genre: AU, romance
Rating: PG-15 for swearing
A/N: Second ever attempt at this pairing, but I love them so dearly you can't imagine.

: Where Jaejoong is a bad influence and a fresh twist to Changmin's life.                    
                    Alcohol, cursing, one touches and sex ensue


I love long comments ^^ 


The first time Changmin meets Jaejoong is at a train station, or rather an old shack that stands as a train station, a stop along the country side where the old railway runs. Changmin is all of 17 years old, dressed in designer clothing that reeks of him being the young master of one of Seoul's well to do families, and of running away from home. Jaejoong is 19 and the perfect image of what Changmin's mother would not approve of as a friend, or even mere acquaintance to her son. 

Ripped jeans wound tightly across thin legs, chunky black boots, a scarf flung carelessly across a carefully stylish ensemble of a jacket and shirt all finished off by dangling silver crosses on his ears and a head of tousled blonde hair. He catches Changmin's eye, captivates him in fact, the very moment he stumbles gracefully into the old shack and slides himself onto the bench, cup of steaming coffee from the outside vending machine in leather gloved hand. 


"Huh, o-oh, he-hey."

"You okay?"


"How long have you been sitting here for?"

"Fo-four hours."

"Holy fuck, no wonder your teeth are chattering. Here drink this."

"Bu-but thats yours."

"Don't worry, I haven't touched it. It isn't drugged either."


"Seriously, take it - you need it more than I do."


Changmin feels gloved hands pull his out from between the area between his thighs and the wooden bench where they were clamped tightly in between and sighs with relief as the paper cup of hot dark liquid is slid into his hands. He raises it to his lips and nearly tilts the whole cup down his throat only to hear a chuckle that comes from the blonde boy in front of him.)


Changmin is an intriguing creature to Jaejoong, like someone out of a television drama or comic book. He is something Jaejoong has never seen in his life, nothing like anyone he has met, and Changmin thanks the Gods for making him so uniquely interesting to Jaejoong. He almost jumps for joy as Jaejoong reaches into the pocket of Changmin's pants after they both get off the train back at the main city stop and keys in a number with lightening speed before pressing down on the call button, an action which causes the device from Jaejoong's own pocket to start projecting out a noisy rock song. 

("Now you have my number, and I have yours. I'll call you soon."

  Is all Jaejoong leaves Changmin with as he shoves the phone back into the younger boy's hands. He waves, grins and proceeds to filter into the city crowd with a shout of 'stay interesting' on his lips. Changmin smiles and grips the phone tightly in his hands. He isn't sure why he is so happy, but something tells him that feeling this way towards another man isn't all that normal, but Changmin doesn't care, doesn't care because all he can think of it Jaejoong.) 


Jaejoong doesn't call, but he does send a message after a week, and Changmin is elated when his phone skips across his table during one particularly boring class in school, flashing with the promise of excitement. Jaejoong claims a coffee from Changmin and they set a date for the next afternoon. Changmin styles his hair different the next day before he heads of for school.

 ("Well now young master Shim, you look different today."

Is what Jaejoong comments with a laugh as they meet and Changmin grins.) 


Jaejoong equates to change.

("What are we doing here."

"Getting you a new look, I think you'll look good with a shorter hairstyle, maybe slightly brown, and of course we have to change your dress style..."

Jaejoong rambles on as he pushes the teenager into a chair, Changmin expects the bill to run up to a whole lot that day, because with what Jaejoong has done to him, it should. But he is surprised when he adds up his expenses for the day. It doesn't even amount to half of what his mother spends on his clothing and hair, but he looks so much better than he used to. More edgy, cool, captivating - almost like Jaejoong is. He likes it.)


Changmin learns that Jaejoong lives away from his parents with Yunho, his best friend and house mate, along with Yoochun and Junsu, the latter of whom is Jaejoong's cousin, younger by a year. He also finds out that Jaejoong is in his second year of University, aspiring to be one of those 'swanky private bankers' as the man himself puts it.

While, Jaejoong finds out that Changmin is the only child, heir to third largest business empire in Asia, with the typical cliche 'my parents are bastards who care only for themselves but hate each other to death' story. Jaejoong is sympathetic when he hears Changmin's story, so he hugs Changmin right after and the two stay that way for a whole ten minutes after Changmin's initial attempts at struggling away fade with a loud twack from Jaejoong's hand.


("What the hell is this."

"If your mother heard you swear like this I bet she would have a bottle of bleach down your throat."

"Oh yeah, try this, fuck you Jae. Now what in the bloody World is this?"

"This is a Typhoon, it consist mainly of gin, champagne, and lime juice, try it."

Jaejong pushes the glass at Changmin, but manages to smack the boy across the head before he manages to taste it. Jaejoong smiles sweetly as he mutters something about that being payback for being rude to him because no matter what he is still older, the master and turns back to the rack of drinks stacked sky high. Jaejoong works at a bar, part time, three nights a week to pay for rent and such. In addition to teaching Changmin how to cuss like a pro, along with giving him exposure to both sarcasm and wit which seems to sit well with the younger, Jaejoong also teaches him how to drink illegally in the time he has before the bar opens. )


Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, it is almost a year since the day at the train stop and Changmin is close to being 18. 

("You're turning 18 soon." 

"As if I wouldn't know my own birthday."

"When did you become such a smart mouth."

"I learnt from the best."

"Sometimes I miss the days when you were innocent, shivering cold and stumbling over your words."

"Fuck you."

"Why you little bastard."

Jaejoong leaps up from the sofa in his apartment they both have collapsed on to watch television and reaches over for the younger boy, ready to hit him. Changmin only laughs and grabs a hold of Jaejoong's hands, causing the older to scowl and curse loudly, he never remembered Changmin to have such large hands, or even be so tall for that matter, it isn't fair that he never had that extreme a growth spurt is what Jaejoong thinks as he decides to aim a kick at the younger instead. Yunho watches from the kitchen where he stands with a glass of water and laughs while shaking his head at the common sight, he is Jaejoong's best friend, but Changmin and Jaejoong are perfect together.) 


Jaejoong declares that he is going to help Changmin celebrate his birthday just the two of them after loosing badly in the play fight.

("Just you and me, the two of us."

Changmin feels warmth surge in his chest.) 


The day comes and the two wind up on the rooftop of Jaejoong's apartment block after a dinner of roasted meat at a road side store, something Changmin has never experienced before, but what he concludes beats eight course meals prepared by five star chefs hands down. They are both slightly buzzed from numerous bottles of soju, but have a plastic bag of beer in between them both.


"Just five more minutes to being another year older."

"I'm catching up with you."

"I'm still older."

Jaejoong reaches over the bag between them and tries to hit the younger with a hand, it isn't an act of abuse, but something that has become their trademark when they both are together, the constant 'one touches' they inflict on each other. He doesn't expect it, but Changmin grabs onto his hand, and Jaejoong ends up toppling over, the top half of his body landing on Changmin's chest. They are face to face, the younger boy with his back on the ground, it is a scene straight out of a movie or romance novel and Jaejoong's lips twitch into a lopsided smirk.

"Whats so funny."

Changmin doesn't stammer at all anymore in situations in which he found have. Confidence is what he has gained, and lying, being smooth and flawless is what he has learnt from Jaejoong, but his heart hammers away in his chest. Ba-dump, ba-dump, ba-dump. 

"Nothing much, I was just thinking..."

"Thinking about what?"

"Nah, nothing, you did run away screaming like a girl if I told you."

"Try me." a sneer, challenging.

"You said it."


"I was wondering what you would do if I kissed you."

Changmin stares at Jaejoong who smirks as the sentence tumbles out only to chuckle deeply.

"Forget it, you are freaked out, look at the way your eyes widened, pretend I never said anything."

Jaejoong shrugs, laugh still on his lips, as he starts to push himself up. He is laughing, brushing it off, but something in his eyes doesn't quite go, it is the first time Changmin sees such.

Changmin is dumbfounded, dumbfounded, shocked at the thought. But he recovers fast, and as quick as a flash, he pulls Jaejoong back down. Their noses bump, but their lips find each others in a careless, clumsy fashion as Jaejoong falls onto Changmin.  Jaejoong tastes like alcohol and the burnt smoke from their earlier meal, but Changmin finds the taste sweet. His lips curl up into smirk tinged smile and Jaejoong's amused laughter is what Changmin feels, not hears, feels through his body.


Changmin moves in another year later because Jaejoong's place is closer to the University. He complains when Yoochun and Junsu have taken their public displays of affection too far, he bitches about Yunho forgetting to close the door when he showers. Changmin goes on dates with Jaejoong although the younger refuses to call them such himself, they continue drinking, keep up with their one touches and petty cuss word filled arguments, they have sex, they kiss but at night when Changmin lays in the same bed as Jaejoong, when the house is quiet and the only sound Changmin hears is Jaejoong's steady breathing, he feels content, the happiest he has ever been in his life. Because this is just what love is. 

fin  ♥

Chai Tea Latte - Yunho & Jaejoong

Chai Tea Latte
yunho & jaejoong
one shot. nc-16 for language
Yunho is in denial, he doesn't believe he is gay.

A/N : I haven't written anything in quite a while, so if this isn't up to mark, I'm still warming up.


The first time they meet, it is under circumstances that could be classified as a one night stand. The first time they meet, they both are drunk, Yunho just slightly more intoxicated than the blonde boy he sees through alcohol tinged vision, the fucking gorgeous blonde boy with the cherry red lips that he sees. They are strangers, Yunho doesn't even know the other boy's name but they work well together, somehow, they do.

("You're hot, but I'm hotter"

"I'm hot, you're a girl."

"Don't call me a fucking girl, I have a goddam-"

"I know what you have, now shut up."

Yunho pushes his mouth over the boy's tempting red lips and they both know what they're getting into. Yunho isn't gay, but it isn't like he hasn't kissed or had sex with a boy before. Yunho is open, open not gay. Hands fumbling, articles of clothing, jeans, shirts, boxers drop to the floor and they both tumble into Yunho's bed in his apartment they had managed to stumble back into just in time. )


Yunho doesn't see the boy in two weeks after that day.

He wakes up the next morning, body sore and aching, head banging as a tell tale sign of having drank way too much the night before, but pleasantly in the way only mind blowing sex can leave you feeling the next morrning. The air smells of fuck and Yunho's sheets like men's cologne and peach shampoo. He opens his eyes only to find empty space and rumpled sheets beside him. The boy from the night before leaves no trace aside from a single note on a yellow post it scribbled in a loopy scrawl insulting his choice of shampoo.

get some nicer smelling shampoo would you.

Yunho can't help but smile and scoff, but he leaves the note right where it is. It is stupid, really stupid to take advice from an unknown stranger but Yunho replaces his shampoo with a bottle of peach shampoo the next day.

("Saw him making his way out this morning. The best you've had so far."

"Oh shut up Changmin."

"He stole a carton of juice by the way, replace it."

Sometimes, Yunho wished he didn't have a house mate who liked waking up early.)


Yunho is a University student in his third year, buisness - because he wants to be a banker.

The second time he meets the boy again, Yunho is running slightly late for class but he spares the time to run into the coffee house outside the University to grab a dose of caffine.

("One Chai Tea Latte to go please."

"Well, your drink choice doesn't reflect the masculinity of your horrible smelling shampoo."

Yunho's head darts up from the screen of his phone and he is stunned. Fucking gorgeous reaches a whole new level in the daylight when he isn't drunk.



The boy introduces himself as he spins a paper cup in his hands like an outlaw in a grainy western cowboy movie and waltzes off towards the machines. He moves in a way that Yunho can only call graceful. In less than five minutes, Yunho has a steaming hot cup of Chai Tea Latte in front of him. The boy winks at him and Yunho tries to speak, but the boy - Jaejoong, has already started taking orders from the next customer in line. Yunho's phone beeps with a message and he remembers he is supposed to be rushing for class.

It isn't until he sneaks into the back of the lecture theatre into a seat next to Yoochun that he takes a sip of his drink. He places the cup down and Yoochun snickers, his pen tapping against the side of the paper sleeve and Yunho raises a brow but looks down at it only to see the same loopy black scrawl against the cardboard sleeve, this time in the form of a string of numbers with a bunch of words that follow.

payback for the carton of juice, my treat.

Yunho then realises he forgot to pay.)


That day Jaejoong checks his phone after his shift and he sees an unfamilliar number with a single name attached to a message. Yunho, he finally knows his name.


They have dinner together the third time they meet, and Yunho isn't sure how, but he seems to have been manipulated into asking Jaejoong out as if it were a date. But that can't be possible can it, because Yunho is open, open but certainly not gay. That day Yunho learns that Jaejoong is just slightly older than him, read : a few months, wants to own his own bar, openly gay, straightforward, flippant, vulgar and well, just Jaejoong, he is different from the rest of the World it seems, but it captivates Yunho.


Yunho and Jaejoong become friends, good friends. Changmin meets Jaejoong and he approves greatly in his position as a house mate and cousin as he makes it a point to let Yunho know. It is because Jaejoong is everything Changmin admires, or rather, because Jaejoong brings Changmin who is two years younger out on romps in the less savoury districts of Seoul and teaches the nineteen year old whom Jaejoong describes as having 'not seen the World' how to cuss like a drunken sailor.


Yunho really isn't gay. Really, he isn't.

("Jung Yunho are you sure you're not gay."

"Shut the fuck up Jaejoong."


Yunho pushes Jaejoong down onto the ground and teaches him how to shut up. Jaejoong doesn't like not being in control so he bites down on Yunho's bottom lip and flips them both over.)


They met by having sex, so it isn't a surprise that they do it again. But Jaejoong never stays the next morning, never ever. It make it seem like they're in a real relationship, is what he tells Yunho while laughing and sliding an open beer bottle over towards him before shooting him a wink and scuttling towards the other end of the bar. Jaejoong was covering for a friend at the coffee house, Yunho learns - this is his real job. Gaining experience is what Jaejoong calls it.


Slowly but surely, Yunho finds himself getting attached to Jaejoong and he wakes up one day in fear, because Yunho is afraid, afraid that what Jaejoong has been pushing him towards admitting is real. Afraid that he himself really is gay. That night Yunho heads to a club, he drinks until he can't feel a thing and he brings someone home that night, it isn't Jaejoong, its a girl. A noisy, screaming girl when she fucks is how Changmin describes her.

The next morning Yunho wakes up to find her still in his bed, dead asleep and he rubs his eyes and stares at her. He concludes she looks so much better in the dark when he is drunk. She is slutty, but not pretty, not even close to Jaejoong.

Yunho steps out into the hallway and he sees a paper cup on the dining table. Chai Tea Latte, he concludes by the smell, but Yunho's heart falls as he views the paper torn from a notebook under the cup.

I guess you really aren't gay.

Yunho feels something in his chest rip and he crushes the note in fist. The paper cup lays untouched on the table, Yunho throws on a shirt and jeans, grabs his keys and runs out of the house. He tries looking for Jaejoong, but Yunho is at a lost, he doesn't know where Jaejoong stays.

That night he tries the pub.

("Hey, is Jae here?"

"Nope, he applied for a weeks leave."

Yunho thanks the owner and he heads out into the street in a daze. He isn't sure why he is acting like this, but Yunho feels like shit.)


That week Yunho spends very much unlike himself. He is quiet and sullen, walking around like a zombie. When he speaks he swears, when he doesn't, he locks himself up alone in his room. Jaejoong remains uncontactable and Changmin is getting irritated by it, and so he wacks Yunho in the head and makes the fact known.

("You really are stupid you know."

Yunho doesn't react, but he can't help but silently agree.)


Tuesday night and Yunho exits from the University's main gate. He spots a blonde head making its way out of the cafe door and his heart leaps. Yunho picks up his pace and he rushes forward to grab the blonde by his arm.

"Jae..." he breathes out and is cut off as the blonde turns to look at him, expression clearly startled. It isn't Jaejoong he sees, and Yunho lets go while taking a step back, his heart sinks back down, even lower than previously before if possible.

"Fuck I hate blondes." is what Yunho hisses after the stranger is out of ear shot but he freezes when a voice enters his ears from behind.

"Then you'll love me."

He turns and Yunho feels something warmth spread throughout his body from the pit of his stomach all the way up to his chest. Hair that is shorter and a deep color of wine red suits Jaejoong as well as blonde is what Yunho decides in two seconds. It makes his smile seem brighter, his skin seem fairer, more flawless.Jaejoong tilts his head and smirks.

Yunho crosses the distance between them in five strides. He pushes Jaejooong against the outside wall of the coffee house.

"I am gay."

Yunho presses his body up against Jaejoong's and crushes him in a kiss. Jaejoong grabs onto Yunho's waist and smiles against his lips.

"I always knew so."


fin ♥

Numb. Changmin/Yunho

second ever attempt at this pairing, fic stems from a messy state of emotions.

i like you & long comments ♥


"Where are you going?"

Changmin watches, watches as Yunho throws on his jacket before turning to pick up his phone and wallet only to slip both objects into the pockets of his jeans. They had just finished recording for their new album and it was time to pack up and head home.

"Mmm? I'm meeting my cousin for dinner." 

Yunho speaks, and absent minded lisp to his words as he peers at his reflection in a small mirror hanging on the wall. Changmin looks on as Yunho frowns, before brushing his fringe to one side. Yunho is preening, as Changmin realises after a second or two. Something Yunho never does, because Yunho just never does. It causes Changmin to raise his brows before lifting a foot to nudge Yunho gently on the leg, his voice teasing.

"Going on a hot date tonight?" 

Yunho doesn't answer because he is too busy fussing with his hair, and it makes Changmin bite his lip and frown. He raises his leg again only to nudge the older, this time with more force.

"Ow-Changmin, what the hell." Yunho's voice is annoyed as he turns from the mirror to stare at the younger.

"So you are going on a hot date tonight?" A sentence with a good dose of doubt layered over is how Changmin responds.

"Don't be silly. How could I possibly be going on a date. I said I'm meeting my cousin."

There is a sharp edge to Yunho's words, but Changmin doesn't hear it - no, Changmin chooses not to hear it. Instead, he opts for laughingly brushing the statement off before rising from his chair. He mutters a goodbye to Yunho, and looks on as the older fields back a parting phrase before heading out the door. Today is lacking in the usual soft whisper and light brushing of lips against lips - just as it has been for the past few days ( or has it already been weeks?), it causes Changmin's heart to fall slightly, but he labels it as oversensitivity. Yunho says that it is his cousin he is meeting, Changmin trusts Yunho.

That night only Yoochun, Junsu and Changmin have dinner at home. Both Jaejoong and Yunho are missing.


"Hey Min!"


"Have you seen Yunjae?" Junsu shortens both their names and joins it together, a much more convinient term of address, something the whole band along with their managers and backup dancers have come to do when looking for more than one member at the same time. It saves on the saliva, as Yoochun had once remarked.

"They're gone?"

"Apparently so." Yoochun cuts in, gesturing around the dance studio, it is only the three fifths of DBSK and their group of backup dancers that are present.

"And you want me to go search?"

Both men nod as they let watermelon wide grins plaster on their faces. Changmin simply snorts before rolling his eyes but heads out anyway. He usually isn't this helpful, but today something urges him on, Changmin doesn't know what it is, but it is something.

Yunho's towel lying outside the half closed door of the locker room is what Changmin spies, and it is what makes Changmin burst into the room.

"Yun-." he stops, stops in his tracks as he turns in to see the leader with the eldest's member's hand in his. Changmin simply freezes, he doesn't know what to say.

"Yunho was just helping me check my hand."

"Yeah, Jae thinks he hurt it during practice."

Their words help jolt Changmin back to the present as both Yunho and Jaejoong stand immediately. Changmin laughs with relief as he runs a hand through his hair. One was his boyfriend, the other was his hyung - how could he even think such of them. But at the same time, Changmin can't help note how Yunho calls the eldest 'Jae', he never calls Changmin 'Min' any longer, not in a long time.

"Really? Is it better now hyung?"

Changmin speaks, his body angled towards Jaejoong, but he doesn't miss Yunho's hand falling from Jaejoong's waist to come to place behind Yunho's neck.

Its nothing, its nothing - is what Changmin thinks, but he can feel his heart twist in his chest, and it sinks, slowly, slowly, slowly.


2am, and Changmin shuffles out of bed. His throat is dry, parched, crying out for water, and water is just what he is going to get. He rubs his eyes before pushing his hands briefly over his head in a light stretch, Changmin hates when he has to get out of bed in the middle of the night, be it for the toilet or a drink of water, its distruptive, and it gives him dark circles and a lack of sleep - because Changmin doesn't fall asleep easily. It makes him look like Yunho in the morning of the past few months when that happens, dark circles beneath a pair of squinting eyes and a hoarse voice that is thick with exhaustion. Changmin doesn't know why, but Yunho claims its trouble sleeping due to stress.

Silence is what Changmin abides to as he pushes open the door of his room so as to not rouse Junsu from his slumber. He steps out quietly into the hallway and begins to slide noiselessly towards the kitchen. Silence, silence, silence.

Changmin stops, a hand rubbing the back of his neck to turn to glance at the balcony that stands beyond the living area, simply out of habit. It is the clear night sky which usually greets his vision, but tonight, tonight Changmin doesn't just look away, tonight Changmin stops to stare.

His hand falls lifelessly from his neck to his side, and Changmin feels as if his breath has been taken from him.

Two figures, one slightly taller than the other stand on the balcony behind closed glass doors, with their arms tight around each other. Jaejoong with his head beside Yunho's, chin resting on the leader's shoulder, lips tilted into a blissful smile and Yunho, swaying gently as he holds, just holds the eldest.

Changmin never had moments like that, never with Yunho, never ever, because it just wasn't them. They had to be just hugging, they had to be, they had to be, they had t-

Jaejoong laughs to a movement of Yunho's lips, and he throws his head back before leaning forward again, his lips seeking out and meeting Yunho's own.

Changmin feels his heart breaking and he stops breathing.


The glass of much needed water is forgotten and Changmin creeps back to his room, he doesn't even have to bother with being silent, because he is simply incapable of making even a sound. Changmin pushes a capful sleeping pills from a bottle he keeps in his drawer back ( he doesn't know how many they are ), dry - without liquid and he crawls under his blanket while pulling it over his head.

Changmin doesn't want to think, not now, not ever, and it will help him sleep.


He feels his chest contract, he feels his heart twist, Changmin feels pain, oh so much pain - and then everything goes black, numb, black.

Changmin gets his peace, and for the first time in a long time, Changmin feels carefree.

Beautiful Mess - Yunho x Jaejoong

Yunho x Jaejoong. PG-13
Beautiful Mess ♥
what a beautiful mess this is;
it's like taking a guess
when the only answer is : yes

[ A/N: Based on the song 'Beautiful Mess' by Jason Mraz. Story flow is horribly messy, but it is meant to be as such. Comments are loved, let them be long. ]

"Jaejoong-shii - so do you really think you will end up marrying a fan one day?"

Yunho watches as Jaejoong laughs, his right hand holding onto the mike just inches away from his lips, as his left brushes back strands of hair from his face. How glad is he that Jaejoong had finally gotten over covering his mouth when he laughed - it only served to cover the other man's smile. A smile which Yunho thought was a crime no one ever got to see, because even though it was just a smile, it was beauty in the raw. The only truly innocent part of Jaejoong anyone got to see.

"My suspicions, yes - but only time will tell won't it?"

Jaejoong answers, admist high-pitch screams that blanket the entire venue. He answers with a wink towards the sea of red as he walks forward, a stylish toss of his hair follows before he shoots out an arm upon which his fingers snap as a grand finale which makes the crowd roar so loud, Yunho is sure even the men from mars can hear.

"I'll inform you when I start looking." (The screams go higher in pitch.)

Yunho smiles, his teeth flashing out, gaze trained on the lead singer. Yunho smiles, because he knows how far away that statement is from carrying any weight as of now. Jaejoong turns back around on his heel to return to the chair he was sitting upon moments ago. Yunho catches his gaze in a fraction of a second and Jaejoong winks, this one only Yunho sees.


Jaejoong doesn't whine, he never whines, Jaejoong might look delicate and pretty, as Yunho (and millions of fangirls) think. But Jaejoong is anything but a girl, and he hates it when compared to one. It makes him feel like a wimp, nothing any proper man should feel (he thinks).

("I have a fucking penis, you think they did guess by now."

Is what he always growls out in contest.

"Really? Let me check.")

But what Yunho knows and everyone else doesn't, is that deep down inside, Jaejoong does act like a girl at times, or maybe - just human. Because despite Jaejoong's defiant, 'I-couldn't-care-less' attitude he carries himself with, along with a laughing set of pearly whites, Yunho knows that like everyone, Jaejoong has his fears and insecurities. Those exact ones that nag at him every now and then, causing Jaejoong to throw a fit and act like a class-A asshole, or even make his way out to get wasted, drugged out, or even for a fling - a blind fuck, to reassure himself.  Yunho doesn't like the ways Jaejoong chooses to deal with himself, especially not the last one on the list. But he lets Jaejoong be, just because, just because - it helps.


Jaejoong is crazy, Yunho tells Jaejoong, and Jaejoong always agrees.

("You're fucking insane you know that?"

"So what?"

"I don't want to have to clear your body from a ditch one day."

"I did have more class than to die in a ditch")


Yunho prefers it when Jaejoong cries to relieve his insercurities, although that isn't often. It makes Yunho hurt, it scares Yunho, but at least when Jaejoong does - Yunho can be there, Yunho can be of use, Yunho can comfort Jaejoong. He does so with stroking hands, comforting words and talking, and it seems so right.


"Well you're home early."

"Good morning to you too."

"Its 2am Jae."

"Whoaaa. I'm early today! "

"We have to be on the road at 7."

"I know and I'll be up."

"You should be getting sufficient sleep, which you aren't."

"Neither are you, waiting up for me like this."

Yunho doesn't speak as he stares at Jaejoong, watching as the man in front of him pulls off his beanie - meant to push down his hair over his eyes as a sort of disguise. Jaejoong is dressed simply in a white button down shirt paired with a pair of loose jeans, and even then, admists being annoyed, Yunho thinks he looks good.

"I'm not drunk, or wasted, and I was alone. Relax."

Yunho feels Jaejoong's body press up against his, the smell of the cool night air outside perfumating the space around them both, finding no gaps to float in between them. A kiss is what Jaejoong plants on Yunho's cheek as he mutters softly : 'Go get some rest.' , before sauntering off towards the room Jaejoong shares with Yoochun. Jaejoong's hair smells damp and slightly like sea breeze.


Yunho breaks Jaejoong's walk towards the room, and causes the older man to lift an eyebrow questioningly at him as he turns.

"Changmin and Yoochun were watching something that made Junsu take shelter in his room ever since after dinner. I don't think you really want to go in now."

Jaejoong understands, and the questioning expression gives way to a sly grin as he cocks a head towards Yunho's room. Sleeping in Yunho's room most of the time meant surviving on caffine infused drinks the next day, one of the many reasons they chose to sleep seperately, but whatever - it was worth it. 

Junsu was going to scream again when he came to wake them up, Yunho pitied him, just slightly


They don't say it often, because - they just don't. But, Yunho has never be so sure of anything, but one thing : he loves Jaejoong, in every possible way. Yunho always smiles at the subtle daily hints Jaejoong puts out. A heart that appears on the mirror when it steams up after Yunho's shower, foods arranged in a straight line across his plate, the first letters of every food spelling out 'L-O-V-E', but the best, the best is when it comes from Jaejoong's mouth in his voice. 

It scares Yunho sometimes, and Yunho knows it does Jaejoong too. Because its the first (and only) time either has felt this way.


"I hate you."

"Well I hate you too."

Doors slam when they fight, and sometimes punches thrown to the left and to the right, because sometimes - Yunho finds no other way to tell Jaejoong how much he cares when he is being stupid. Their wars can last for days, even weeks if it gets bad. The words they throw at each other might seem spiteful and hate-filled, but Yunho feels pain at every word Jaejoong throws at him, cold and aloof, it makes his heart ache. 



They never end their fights in apologies, and make-up sex never follows. Wars simply flow back into daily routine once the right time arrives, and they keep on loving, they just keep on loving. 


Jaejoong is strange, and Yunho still cannot fully understand the other man. Not when he speaks, not even the actions he displays. He is still a mystery, an unsolved puzzle : one that Yunho thinks he will not solve for life. Because that is the beauty of Jaejoong. 


"Why do you even stay with him." 

Is what Yunho's cousin muses one day when they meet up for a lunch. To everyone but the four, Yunho knows how Jaejoong seems. Off-balance, egoistic, ditzy, witty and loud : just crazy to sum it all up. 

"Because." is Yunho's simple answer as he smiles while swirling the green tea around in his cup. 

There is no other explanation. Jaejoong is everything but normal, everything but calm, everything but sane. Yunho thinks Jaejoong resembles the waves in his life, the waves that causes his boat to rock with great force, the waves that sometimes drown him but always bring him back up to float, the waves which support him and cause him to move forward. So wrong, and yet so right at the same time. 

"Because." is what he repeats, as his phone blares out loud with rock music. 

Yunho flips open the cover and chuckles as he sees the message with the familliar number flash on screen. He doesn't read the contents, doesn't really know what he really is doing either, but he types in a single sentence and presses send. 

Because, you're my beautiful mess.

[ This took me quite a few days to finish. Its not very beautiful, but I have achieved what I wanted to from this - I hope you felt it too]

Untitled - Changmin & Jaejoong

Title:  Untitled (because I really don't know what to call this)
Length: One-Shot
Pairing: Changmin & Jaejoong
Genre: AU, romance
Rating: PG-13
A/N: I adore this pairing, and I have finally mustered enough courage to write something on them.

Summary: Changmin meets Jaejoong when he is 17.

Comments are loved ♥


The first time Jaejoong meets Changmin, it's in a bar. Jaejoong is 19 and holding the job of bartender while Changmin is only 17 and shy two years of the legal drinking age. It is the first time Changmin has ever stepped into a bar, and Jaejoong can tell. He remembers being just like Changmin 4 years ago. Underaged, nervous with an easily see-through layer of grown up pretence, struggling to order his first drink.

"Hey kid."
Jaejoong smirks as he leans against the heavily abused counter top. He lets his gaze run over Changmin's attire and he chuckles to himself, the teenager in front of him reeks of everything that smells like wealth. His coat is made of cashmere, his jeans can easily fetch 500 dollars even if sold second hand, and his sweater is just classic.

Changmin flinches at the sound of the bartender's form of address, and it makes Jaejoong's smirk grow.

"What would you like to drink?"

Changmin thinks the bartender's voice is like music, and he can't help but take a step forward despite his being unsettled. Changmin looks around, and then up above the counter. He forgets for a moment that this is not a fast food restaurant and that menus with prices do not hang upon the walls. He coughs nervously, bringing a hand to his mouth before looking back to the bartender with a forced deep mellow for a voice, one very unlike his own.

"The strongest one you have."

Jaejoong can hear the force and effort behind the voice, but he makes no comment. Instead, he opts for pushing himself off the counter only to return a few minutes later with a shot glass of  clear liquid in hand. He pushes it to Changmin who has settled onto one of the barstools in the poorly lit area.

Changmin tilts the glass to his lips and empties the contents down his throat. Jaejoong counts, and in one - Changmin starts to choke, hoarse coughs shaking his frame as he knocks the glass clumsily back onto the table. Jaejoong laughs, the sound good-natured and slightly mocking.

"That was just vodka," he grins as he reaches out to right the glass. "First time?"

Changmin nods, hand still patting his chest heavily, his stance changes to one that is slightly embarrassed. He gladly takes the glass of water Jaejoong slides over at him.


That day, Jaejoong befriends Changmin. Admist the ways of leading him astray and mocking Changmin for not having lived at the ripe age of 17, Jaejoong laughs and tells Changmin rather gleefully that it is as if he toppled out from a television drama.

("Running away from home to defy your parents? You're such a cliche young master Shim.")


The bar becomes a place Changmin frequents everyday. His homework gets messy, his grades start to slip. Jaejoong doesn't have any idea until Changmin comes in one day, a glorious bruise blossoming on the side of his face. Jaejoong asks but doesn't get an answer. He sends Changmin to the back to bring out a crate of something, claiming he hurt his back and he finds in Changmin's bag a report card decorated with an abundance of 'F's.

"Fuck-tard." is what Jaejoong mutters as he wacks Changmin on the head when he emerges from the storeroom.

From then on Jaejoong makes Changmin sit at the left corner of the bar where he comes to right after school where they toast to the completion of his homework and studying with a beer. Jaejoong is the embodiment of irony, but Changmin is glad.

("I feel like your mother."

Jaejoong muses as he polishes a glass and Changmin gives him a funny look. )


Changmin gets to his second year of high school, and although his grades stay at the top where they are supposed to be, his manner and dressing change. He becomes more smart-mouthed, and his face is often made up with a know-it-all smirk. His wit flows like the beer from the tap in the bar on busy nights when they have promotions, and his snark like the foam that tops. Changmin learns from Jaejoong how to curse, and Jaejoong decides on a major.

("Journalism. I want to be a journalist and travel the World."

Changmin feels his heart fall slightly at the words, but he doesn't know why.)

Changmin stops wearing the clothes his mother purchases for him. Instead, he lets Jaejoong pick our his clothes. (Changmin tried once, and Jaejoong wouldn't stop about how Changmin had the 'fashion sense worse than that of a cow'.) Jaejoong dresses him in wife-beaters and tight dark washed jeans with artistic rips in them, shirts made out of light material that have hoods at the back but cut down low on Changmin's chest, plaid pants, fitting polo shirts with scrunched three-quarters, leather jackets in winter - all for half the price of the clothes Changmin used to wear.

("I look like a hooker."

"Please, you need far less clothes to be one." Jaejoong lifts Changmin's shirt up with mischeif as he says it, and Changmin swats him away with a threat. Jaejoong leers, and Changmin feels his heart jump even though he points up a carefully chosen finger.)


Changmin graduates from high school and Jaejoong turns up along with Yunho - Jaejoong's childhood friend and apartment mate as Changmin had learnt in the past year. They both grin and whoop like hooligans as Changmin receives his certificate, it makes the principal frown and pause, but Changmin grins and takes a glance towards the flaming blonde locks hovering at the back of the hall. Yunho and Jaejoong need to get back to school right after, Changmin doesn't get to see him that day, but his phone rings that night.

("I can't believe it, you found enough brains to graduate."

"I still can't believe they let you into University. I would rather let a doorknob in."

"Bitch." a pause and a laugh. "So what are your plans now?"

"I sent out applications. So University I guess."

There is a long drawn out silence at the other end, and Changmin thinks how its unlike Jaejoong to keep quiet for so long.

"Brain not fast enough to process that?"

"Shut up. So, big university student - still planning on moving to a hostel?"

"Hell yes - you still need to ask?"

"Want to move in with me? And Yunho of course. Its not much, nothing close to where you're living now for sure, but we have an extra room - its a storeroom now but we can clear it up. I mean, its closer to the University area than your house is, its better than a hostel, you did have to help with rent and chores though, no maids here, but-"

"-you're getting to be an old long winded prat.")


Changmin moves in with Jaejoong, and on that day only both Changmin and Yunho are doing the moving, Jaejoong directs, there really isn't much to move however, just three boxes worth.

("You know it'd be much easier if we each took one." Changmin grumbling.

"House rule number one, I am King."

Yunho snorts and Changmin rolls his eyes, they both however - don't refute.)

Yunho has to head over to the library that day, even if it is a weekend. Because, as Jaejoong puts it to Changmin, 'medical students have no life, he won't be back until tommorow afternoon'. Jaejoong drags Changmin out for dinner and they eat at a grungy roadside store, which Changmin has come to appreciate. Jaejoong bitches about his classes and Changmin laughs at him.

("You'll soon be in my state."

"No I won't. I'm a genius - remember?")

They head back, and Changmin thinks it feels so right as he kicks his shoes into the corner. It feels so much more like home than home has ever felt.


The floor is hard, hard as rock, and Changmin can't sleep. Despite the fact that layers and layers of sheets, blankets and the nearly half a hundred pillows Changmin has around him makes it look comfortable. Looks are deceiving, as Changmin learns while he tosses over to his right side before kicking to his left again.

He sighs lightly as he twitches with a sudden violent motion only to ram his head against the bedstand above his head which Jaejoong has his clock, glasses and book on. Changmin sits up as he hisses out a swear while glaring menacingly at the nightstand as if it could be stabbed. He entertains the idea of chucking the night stand out of the window, that will teach it to mess with him, when he feels a hand tug up towards the bed. Changmin's upper body collides with the bed and he scowls, another curse falling from his lips in a muffled hiss.

"Stop being a blockhead." are the words Changmin hears in Jaejoong's voice, still thick with sleep and slight annoyance at being roused.

Changmin understands and he scurries onto the bed where Jaejoong throws the covers over them both. Jaejoong's bed is big enough to fit himself plus Changmin's lanky frame, because Jaejoong's bed is built for two.

Changmin shifts towards the other end of the bed, because he thinks it is only right to give Jaejoong his personal space, but a hand stops him, pulling Changmin's arm over the body connected to the hand. Changmin is clever, and he works it out within an second. He slides his arms around Jaejoong and Jaejoong snuggles into him in an action very un-like Jaejoong.

"I don't think we need to clear out the store room anymore." Changmin mutters as he shuts his eyes, his head falling forward, lips meeting the back of a head which blonde locks cover.

Jaejoong hums an agreement, and Changmin feels a squeeze on his hand, a body twist, before a pair of lips collide with his.


Changmin enters University, the same one Jaejoong and Yunho are in. Jaejoong takes on music as a minor, and Changmin decides on law. Jaejoong continues to work nights at the bar (only four times a week now however, because there is one more person to split the rent with) and Changmin continues to sit in the left corner of the bar those nights, his head burried in books on law. Jaejoong still buys Changmin's clothes, but now Changmin buys them drinks.

The storeroom becomes impossible to clear.

Liar - Changmin & Yunho

Title: Liar
Length: One-Shot
Pairing: Changmin & Yunho
Genre: Angst
Rating: PG-13
A/N: First ever attempt ever at this pairing

Summary: Yunho is a liar.


"I'm not gay."

The very words which Yunho muttered against Changmin's lips as they kiss for the first time. Their first kiss, Changmin thinks is anything but 'fairy-tale'. It happens, in the musty stairwell which staircase C of the company building hides - the one with the almost-hidden enterance behind DBSK's dance studio. It is clumsy, curious, hesitant, shy and with noses that bump and teeth that graze. It wasn't Changmin's first kiss as many would have thought, but it was his first with a male, his first with Yunho.


"I shouldn't be doing this."
Is what Yunho always mutters when the two make their get away only to seek solace on the roof of their apartment block. Only to sit side by side, their bodies fitting together like the pieces of puzzle, fingers brushing, but never being held by the other.

"We're not doing anything."
The reply Changmin always gives. When they are alone, just the two of them, Changmin does away with the honorifics. Yunho has no answer to that, and they just sit and stare at the night sky.


"You're too young."

Yunho tells Changmin the first time they have sex, and Changmin calls Yunho an idiot between breathless kisses and fire-hot touches. Because out of all people, he didn't expect Yunho to look on him as the fifteen year old that debuted a long time ago. Changmin grabs the bottle of lube they balanced on the bathroom counter, he wants to change Yunho's mind.

He fails.

Yunho leaves after they are done, without word, without a glance, and Changmin can't figure out what went wrong by the used condom that lays on the floor. The air smells of sex, passion and fufilled need, Changmin really doesn't know what he did wrong.

"This is wrong."

Yunho says one night when he is drunk, but drags Changmin towards him anyway, his lips crashing down on the younger's. Changmin doesn't struggle away, not even when he knows Yunho will be avoiding him for the next one week because of tonight. Because he wants this, he wants this bad.

"I am sorry."
Yunho tells Changmin one night, every word coming out carefully and clearly.
"What for?"
Changmin doesn't get a reply, but Yunho holds him tighter and Changmin presses closer to Yunho. Changmin's bed is too small to fit the both of them, but he doesn't care, he doesn't care that they don't fit.


"We're dating."

Is the announcement the two oldest make as they hold their entwined finger's up in front of their three other members. Changmin feels himself die inside, but he plasters a smile on his face anyway. It is a big smile, and he makes sure his eyes crinkle up to their mismatched self.

"You both are gay?"

Junsu asks, stating the obvious, and Jaejoong nods while Yunho answers on behalf of them both.
"We are gay."
Changmin stops breathing. He keeps his smile on as Yoochun pushes Junsu in the head with a tease. The words from their first kiss burn in Changmin's ears, but he stands. He stands to hug Jaejoong, and then Yunho, not meeting either man's eye.
Yunho he hugs longer, but Yunho he holds in an awkward manner.Changmin walks away, claims of having to call his sister on his lips.

He doesn't cry after that day, he doesn't descend to the stairwell of staircase C again, he doesn't sit on the roof of their apartment - never goes up from that day on.
Changmin throws his old sheets out and replaces them with new ones, he never is alone with Yunho again. Changmin never believes what anyone tells him from that day on.
I'm not gay. Yunho is a fucking liar.

3am - Jaejoong & Yunho

Title: 3am
Length: One-Shot
Pairing: Jaejoong & Yunho
Genre: uhm. idk were to really place this
Rating: PG-13 ; for drunk!jaechunmin and language
Summary: I think drunk!jaechunmin explains a lot

: / I promise myself I will stop writing anything with regards to DBSK + alcohol after this. Its just the holiday season you know.

Comments are loved ♥
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Junsu doesn't go out drinking, because he is lousy at it and the vague memory of himself prancing around the apartment to bad techno in nothing but boxers while planting kisses on his four other band members every other second still haunts him from the last time he tried, at home.

Yoochun goes drinking, because it has become a habit for him ever since he applied for job as bar tender to the crummy old bar back near his house in America. It was then when he learned the ways of alcohol and how to appreciate it in any form. Yoochun drinks a variety, be it beer, wine, scotch, or even fuck a martini, who cares about looking manly?

Jaejoong goes drinking, because he likes the taste of alcohol, he always has. Jaejoong likes it hard and straight, because he likes the way the liquid slides down his throat, burning a trail to his stomach. He likes the way it numbs everything, bringing him to a higher state of happiness for a while. The after effects Jaejoong gladly takes, because its all worth it.

Changmin goes drinking because of what Yoochun and Jaejoong started. After years of the two men coddling him, trying to persuade him to join them in their devil's play, Changmin finally relented. Turned out that Changmin liked it, liked the giddy feeling of being the child he never really got to be.

Yunho doesn't go drinking, not because he, like Junsu is lousy at it, but more because someone has to be sober and sane enough to pick up after the mess of three drunk men, even if they say they can take care of themselves, because Yunho knows they can't.


"Hyung. We're going out for drinks." Changmin speaks, bursting out from the room.

"Jaejoong, Changmin, myself." Yoochun follows, swinging a set of car keys around his finger.

"Want to come?" Changmin tugs on a sneaker over a sock clad foot as he glances up.

Yunho snorts before shooting the youngest a incredulous stare. One cannot expect Junsu to handle four drunkards by himself. Hell, no one can expect anyone to handle drunk Jaejoong, drunk Yunho, drunk Yoochun, drunk Changmin all together alone. The last time anyone tried, the four woke up in a pile, Yunho with his hair in a pool of someone else's vomit. Drunk Changmin, drunk Yoochun and drunk Jaejoong, Yunho is capable of handling, only because of countless experience.

"No thanks." is his reply as he runs a hand through his hair before letting it come to rest behind his head as he watches the two try to find their shoes.

"Well, it is your loss..." is the half reply Yunho gets as a designer clad ( as usual ) Jaejoong waltzes out of the bathroom, looking every bit poised and coifed as he always is.

"...Yunho-ah." is how he finishes as he collapses onto Yunho's lap while smacking a sloppy wet kiss onto the other man's cheek.

"That is the thank you for the pick up I know you're going to provide later." Jaejoong smirks and laughs while standing up again, as quick as he sat down, leaving Yunho to wipe the traces of saliva off his cheek. It is just so typical of Jaejoong, he thinks as the three bustle out from the door.


Yunho is sitting, sitting with a book in lap, glasses resting on the bridge of his nose, waiting for the phone to ring. The apartment is dark and silent, the only light being the lamp behind him. Junsu had soon gone out after the three, muttering something about paying Hyukjae a visit downstairs. 

Then it comes, the shrill ring of a phone breaking the silence. 

"Hello?" Yunho answers, while closing his book and tossing it down onto the coffee table. 

"Yunhoooooooo." his name drawled out, followed by a fit of giggles. Didn't matter though, Yunho recognised the voice. 

"I'll come." is what he says. Yunho is already halfway out of the door as another fit of giggles explode from Jaejoong and the line goes dead. 


Yunho doesn't need to ask where, because its always the same place. The dark hidden pub in one of Seoul's dark, less frequented back alleys. Its a place where old alcoholic men visit, along with the rowdy middle aged men and their slew of prostitues who topple in after staggering around in the alleys for a bit. Oh yes, how could we forget - the three idol stars who don't get notice, because the bar tender is usually to drugged out to give a flying fuck about who they are, and the rest of the patrons, all as drunk as dead fish. 

"Under my skinnnnnn~" is what greets Yunho as he pushes past the dingy door, and immediately he veers towards the right back end of the pub without so much as a glance up. 

They are predictable, the three of them, its always the same place, the same booth in the corner, but Yunho is thankful, because it makes his life so much easier. 

"Yunhoooo." Jaejoong lurches into arms which Yunho opens to catch him before dissolving in yet another fit of self induced giggles. 

"Hyung!" Changmin announces Yunho's arrival while waving his hands in the air like a child, eyes becoming mismatched. 

"Word." is the sleepy english word Yoochun mutters out, as he nurses his almost empty mug of beer, his hand coming up to shove a poorly gestured peace sign at Yunho.

"Idiots." is what he mutters as he dumps Jaejoong back down on the sticky booth seat, thinking only that he was too brutal when the said man started to whine about his head. Yunho was thankful Jaejoong only whined as a drunk.

Counting out bills as payment for the bartender, Yunho shoved his wallet back into his pocket. It was now time to take care of the mess, namely : Jaejoong, Yoochun and Changmin.


"Stop flopping." grumbling, Yunho shoved his keys into the apartment lock before swiping his thumb against the digital pad - state of the art technology, the only way to keep rabid fangirls out. Opening the door was a million times harder when Yunho had to support a flopping Jaejoong who was manically waving his hands while trying to announce to the World how great he was.

Yoochun was sleepy drunk, and all it took was asking nicely along with promises of a bed and sleep to get him to follow Yunho with a bit of stumbling and nearly falling over due to closing eyes every other second. Changmin however, was more difficult than Yoochun was, but a mile (or two) easier to handle than Jaejoong ever was. Changmin's drunk child like self needed required Yunho to act like a stern parent for him to fall in line, it was a good thing that Changmin's motor functions worked fine when he was drunk, but Yunho couldn't say the same about his mental ones however. 

Holding open the door to allow Yoochun, followed by Changmin to stumble in, Yunho heaves Jaejoong in the last before shutting the door behind them and throwing his fistful of keys onto the cupboard by the door. Yunho turns to find Changmin staring at him, wide-eyed and Yoochun, already collapsed on the floor, in deep slumber even an earthquake wouldn't rouse him from. 

"Changmin go to bed now." Is all that is required for the youngest to scuttle away, body swaying slightly as signs of drunk fatigue start to show. Yunho hears a crash and a series of objects falling right after Changmin slams the door to his own room shut. Yunho sighs, but he doesn't go to check, Changmin can handle himself in the morning. 

He steps over Yoochun, still supporting Jaejoong, because without the support, Jaejoong would fall and spend the rest of the night rolling around like a tumbleweed on the floor, and prehaps, even in his own puke. Jaejoong is a hazard on normal days, sharp words without thought, falling over practically nothing, smirks and wise cracks, followed by a good amount of cursing at times, but it gets a hundred times worse when he is drunk, because being drunk brings on the giggles and the whining. 

Oh god, the giggles and whining. Alcohol always makes Jaejoong act like a goddamm girl.

"Yunho-yah. I'm amazing." Jaejoong slurs his words in a sloppy manner, as sloppy as the kiss he delivered to Yunho earlier on as Yunho dumps the man down on his bed. 

"No you're not brat. I am." even like this, Yunho argues with Jaejoong. 

"Yes you are." is the reply that Jaejoong speaks, his tone sounding perfectly serious, and it causes Yunho to turn around from the door he was walking to to stare at the older man.

Jaejoong never agreeded with him, and even more so when it involved Yunho being superior. Ever since they had known each other, they did away with the honorifics, because as Yunho argued, Jaejoong wasn't much older, and Yunho was very much worthy of being on the same plane as Jaejoong respect wise. Jaejoong had punched him playfully and called him a 'stupid twit' then, always finding an opportunity to show that he was indeed superior, but never again insisted on Yunho addressing him as 'older brother'. It was a weird relationship, but to Yunho, Jaejoong was the explnation for weird, and hence it did fit. 

"What?" Some part of Yunho's brain tells him he sounds stupid, and even more so for talking to a drunk, but whatever he doesn't care. Talking to Jaejoong is like constantly talking to a drunk who makes no sense, ever. The man should have his own language, because no one ever understood him, sometimes Yunho even wondered if it was Korean that Jaejoong spoke.

"I said," Jaejoong pauses as he scurries to push himself into a kneeling position on his bed as he waves Yunho back to the side of his bed in the most child-like manner Yunho has ever seen from the bastard.
"That. You. Are. Awesome." Jaejoong states ever word clearly, his pronounciation suprisingly accurate for someone in his state.

The next thing Yunho knows, alcohol numbed lips are moving upon his, hands securing themselves around his neck. Jaejoong has kissed Yunho, Jaejoong has kissed everyone - but those were cheek kisses, because it is just how Jaejoong is. But this, this was different. Yunho tries to protest, but he immediately falls, falls into it, because - he doesn't know why either.

Then it comes, Jaejoong's arms shoving him away, his upper body lurching violently forward as he throws up, over the front of Yunho's shirt. Kiss forgotten as the contents of Jaejoong's stomach churn out onto his shirt, Yunho curses out loud as he stumbles backwards. Staring mouth agape at the man who just collapsed back onto his bed, still looking like he was posing for an album cover, Yunho threw his hands up, before walking out soundless words falling from his mouth. It was just Jaejoong.


"Hey." Yunho looks up, his eyes tearing themselves away from the television screen to see Jaejoong standing in front of him, shirtless with a pair of jeans hanging from his hips - last nights jeans as Yunho can tell by the faint smell of alcohol mixed with the smell of minty fresh listerine that comes from Jaejoong's mouth as he speaks.

"You're a jerk you know that don't you?"

Yoochun had crawled off the floor a few hours ago only to dissapear into his own room and not been seen since then. Junsu hadn't come home the night before it seemed, and Changmin had just shoved his way out of the apartment, bottle of water and asprin in hand, decked out in gym attire.

"Oh? What did I do." grabbing the remote off Yunho's lap only to start flipping the channels, Jaejoong glanced back at the younger as he stared accusingly at him. 

"You threw up on me." Yunho states as he stares at the nonchalant other. 

"Thats it?"

"Thats it?" Yunho curses while twisting fully in his seat to so that he can face Jaejoong. "You threw up on me at 3 in the morning, and you say thats it? You're a work of art Kim Jaejoong." 

Silence is what Jaejoong throws back at Yunho as he continues to surf the channels. Silence is what Yunho breaks as he smacks the remote out of Jaejoong's hand.

"You always expect me to pick up after the mess you make don't you, its like its my obligation to clean up after you. Well its not, and I do, but I never get a thank you, not even a -" Yunho is surprised for the second time in less than twenty four hours as Jaejoong pushes him down onto the couch and straddles him in a single fluid motion Yunho never knew Jaejoong was capable of. His lips are against Yunho's, moving slowly, sensuously, and this time Yunho tastes mint. 

"Jaejoong..." Yunho questions as they both pull away, eyes fluttering open.

"This is why you pick up after me." he starts, and Yunho still doesn't quite understand. "Because you love me." 

Its four simple words, and suddenly everything becomes clearer. Yunho understands. He tries to speak, but is only dealt with a laugh and a mischeif laced, slightly arrogant string of words.

"Shut up, don't speak and just kiss me. Its not like you're good at speaking anyway."

"Better than you are at least." is what Yunho manages to get out before their lips entangle together again and Yunho lets himself fall